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Trumpers do camping!

Hands up people who are up-to-date with the shorthand younger people use online. I'm certainly not and remember when I first saw the term 'hump day' I thought it was something very rude and got very heated up about it (until Miss Trumper gently explained it simply referred to mid-week Wednesday). There are so many expressions like lmao, rofl and btw that it took me a while to get the hang of reading text messages or online blogs without spending half an hour looking up the meaning on Google. If you have had any funny experiences of your own with online shorthand as I call it, I would love to hear them!

Anyway I digress, Master Trumper has been very busy setting up his new website which stemmed from his travels around the Far East when he had trouble finding reliable and high quality camping equipment hence Back to Your Routes was born ( He's worked extremely hard and Mr & Mrs Trumpers are very proud of him and his dedication to his passion. They spent the weekend trying out some of the products (pictures below) and Mrs Trumpers was very impressed (she refused to give back the love seat and plans to use it at future shows as it's comfy and so easy to take with you in the rollaway tote. They also tried out the blanket and a cool box so it was a proper little picnic in the garden!

And the best bit - to celebrate the launch of 'Back to Your Routes' you'll also get a huge 20% off all products on Master Trumpers site! But please be quick as we've noticed things move fast in the outdoor world...and it appears there's a lot of love out there because the 'Love Seat' is selling fast (use the promo code #launch on the Back to Your Routes website (link above) at checkout to get your 20% discount.

Mr Trumper meanwhile spent a lot of time trying to think of ideas for the Bank Holiday weekend offers and couldn't make up his mind, in the end he settled for 10% off everything - simples as the meerkats would say! Use code BANK10 at checkout between 29-31st August. Now as an added bonus to help Master Trumper get off to a flying start if you purchase from his website before the 1st September we will give you a 20% off code to use on the Trumpers website from the 1st to 6th September. You will need to forward us the order confirmation e-mail from BTYR to

I promised you last time I'd post some pictures of Mrs Trumpers birthday and here they are - the birthday breakfast the children prepared, the outing at the park in London with Master Trumper in the foreground, and the last one is the three generations of Trumpers - Nanny Trumpers, Mrs Trumper and Miss Trumpers, arent' they wonderful!

We also had our first ever Facebook giveaway, and the lucky winner was Jayne Ford. She sent us this picture and a lovely message saying she was looking forward to sending the cards .

We are also planning an instagram giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you follow us on instagram (

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your continued support in these trying times, it really makes a difference to a small business I assure you! Until next month this is the Trumpers fairy signing off. I do love to hear from you all so please drop me an e-mail with your stories and pictures, would especially love to see your pet photos!

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