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Trumpers Christmas came early

It's been a busy month so far with Mr & Mrs Trumper knee deep in Christmas cards after being innundated with orders from the Christmas pack offer. Mr Trumper's been harrumphing because he's missing his golf, but Mrs Trumper put her foot down - work comes first! By the way if you still want to take advantage of the Christmas and everyday offers head over to the Christmas section on our website as the Christmas offer is due to run out this Saturday.

It was Mrs Trumper's birthday on Tuesday this week and they travelled to London to enjoy a day out (more updates and pictures in the August blog). She was a bit apprehensive at first (it was the first time since lockdown going into the city) but she was soon enjoying herself after being reassured with the social distancing measures and got a little merry - the next day was spent popping pills and having a bloody Mary.

Outside their garden is coming along nicely, so the weekends have been spent tending to the vegetable patch, tweaking the flowers and mowing the lawn with Bobbie, the dog keeping a close watch. For those of you who follow our Facebook page (link here) there's some lovely pictures of Mrs and Nanny Trumper in the garden with Bobbie, head over and have a look.

Meanwhile Mr Trumper is also busy on the hunt for new gifts for Christmas to put on the website, if there is any gifts you would love to see or suggest do let us know. You can e-mail us at and if we do feature any of the ones suggested, the first person to make the suggestion will get a little thank you gift.

Trumpers Gardening cards

The Trumpers website has also been spruced up a bit in recent days and we now have a new chat function if you want to say hi or ask any questions, but do be gentle as Mr Trumper is still trying to get the hang of it. The other day he tried send a coupon on the chat and wound up sending laughing emojis to the bemused customer, he was not best pleased I can tell you!

Now to the exciting news - our August bank holiday offers are coming up next month (subscribe to stay informed), and we're also doing our first ever facebook giveaway so make sure you like the page and stay tuned!

For those of you who are new to Trumpers World (not connected in anyway to you know who!) I'm the Trumper's fairy who does the blog, social media and tries to keep on top of the paperwork. You'll be hearing more from me next month but in the meantime I'd love to hear from you and how you're enjoying your Trumpers World purchases, send me your images. I'd also love to see your pet and funny pictures (strictly clean humour you understand!), because you never might find yourself featured! Use the messaging function on Facebook or email me at with the subject title I want to be featured!

Until next month, I'll say cheerio and go wave my magic wand to get some e-mails out!

If you want to share images with us on social media please tag us on Instagram and Facebook or use the hashtag #TrumpersWorld

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